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can you hear that?

it sounds like heaven on earth

sing your heart out
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Welcome to our audio community! We started this community as a way for singers + musicians to have a place to share their talent. The admission requirment is relatively simple. Post a 30-60 sec recording of you singing, or playing your instrument. This isn't a rating community. We're not going to admit or exclude based on quality of talent. But you do need to post the recording to become a member. Post the recording, get the stamp... and voila you're in like Flint.

Now for everyone who has no idea where they would post a recording if they did one, we have advice. If you need a host for your recording go to www.free-host.com. It's free and they allow up to 20mb of space. The average audio recording will be less than 1mb, so you can do more than one.

If you don't know how to record on your computer, we can help you there too (if you use Windows). Click Start, ---> Programs ---> Accesories ---> Entertainment ---> Sound Recorder. Plug in your mic, and you're set.

Welcome to Songs of the Siren!
<3 The Mods
sonoran_rose + fimbulvetr

the background of the name:
The Sirens lived on Sirenun Scopuli island which was actually three rocky islands. They sang melodies so beautiful that any sailors passing by couldn't resist getting closer to them. Following the sound of music, the sailors would steer their boats towards them or jump in the water to get closer. Either way, it always ended in disaster on the rocks.
The three Sirens in Greek Mythology were Pisinoe, Aglaope and Thelxiepi, all daughters of the storm god, Achelous. One of them played the lyre, one played the flute and another one sang.